Hi everyone!

Another week, more clear ice. You carve anything awesome this week? Enjoy any amazing spirits? You can follow my clear ice adventures over here on Instagram.

If you have a clear ice Instagram account (or one you like), send it my way! I'd love to feature it!

Let's help others! 👍

I was contacted by someone looking to break into the clear ice business. They have an anonymous survey and are looking for completions! Give it a click and answer the questions. The more clear ice businesses out there, the better for all of us!

How to make and prepare clear ice 🔨

This week, I put the finishing touches on a large article about how to make and prepare clear ice. In the article, there are five sections:

1. Why use clear ice?

2. Why is clear ice clear? 

3. How can I get clear ice?

4. Preparing an ice block

5. After I get some clear ice cubes, how do I use them?

Check out the instructions and send them to any of your friends looking to get into clear ice! 

I'll keep the article updated as the landscape changes. If you have any comments, send them my way.

New makers in the directory 👓

Here are some new clear ice creators, perhaps in a neighborhood near you? The directory is now up to 30 companies in the US and 10 around the world!

Eskimo Bros Ice - Sarasota, Florida


Cubicle Ice & Company - Fort Wayne, Indiana


Ice Sculpture Philly - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The Northern Ice Company - Paris, France


Isbudet.se - Gothenburg, Sweden


Know of any I am missing? Send them to me!

Selection of Instagram hotness... 🔥 

Glass on glass...

I'm getting a band saw... soon...

That is one gorgeous saw... and block...

The clear ice and the colors on this one...

Going to need to make a cut on this one...

Parting shot... 📷

From my kitchen counter...

Live your best clear ice life out there...

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