Happy Friday! 🥃

I hope you all are staying warm out there! When it is cold outside, it is the perfect time to enjoy the cold inside with some clear iced beverages! I've been scouring the internets once again, looking for any mention of clear ice, written, photographed, videoed, or meme'd.

It turns out, if you search clear ice memes, you get lots of stuff about how boiling water creates clear ice. We know that's not true! Maybe we need to take back the clear ice memes? 😊

Ok, let's get into it...

ClearIce.Life Articles ✍

In case you missed it, here are some articles from the site this week.

New Makers This Week 🔨

A couple new makers and a new device! Check the whole directory of 31 US companies, 12 international, and 7 @home devices.

Antarctic Ice Company - ​Tasmania, Australia


Névé Ice - Los Angeles, CA


Arctic Glacier Premium Ice - Manitoba, Canada


ClearlyFrozen Cube Tray - $30


​One tray makes ten 2" crystal-clear cubes. Complete unit measures approximately 12" by 6" by 4".

Instagram Hotness... 🔥

Here are some Instagram finds this week. For some reason, the videos don't have an image preview... check them out anyhow! 

First, a friend of mine lives in Tampa, so I really appreciate the Tampa ice scene!

Second... this is one... sharp... knife. I also like the flip technique on the edges.

Third is just pretty pretty...

Fourth is a band saw in action...

Final fifth is a video of blocks, spheres, and ace ice handling...

Parting shot... 📷

From my kitchen counter...

Live your best clear ice life out there...

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