Happy Friday! 🥃

Another Friday, another weekend opportunity to up the hospitality and serve clear ice to the masses! 

This week was my birthday. I turned 42... as you might know that is the answer to the ultimate question of the universe

So on that note, let's get into it!

ClearIce.Life Articles ✍

In case you missed it, here are some articles from the site this week.

New Makers This Week 🔨

Two new ice maker this week! Check the whole directory of 36 US companies, 14 international, and 7 @home devices.

Specialty Ice & Cocktail NYC - New York, NY


Frank's Ice - ​Bensalem, PA


Instagram Hotness... 🔥

Here are some Instagram finds this week. 

A good sequence going from block, to cube, to cocktail!

The facets.... THE FACETS!

I always respect a quality ice stamp!

Something about the black and white with the perfection of the cube, and the aging barrel just makes this exciting to me.

I've tried to capture pour over shots like this, but my iPhone just doesn't handle it.

Parting shot... 📷

For my birthday, I cut myself up something rugged. 

Live your best clear ice life out there...

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